Bio: I'm just telling my story about marital infidelity and how I am navigating the stormy seas of marriage repair and recovery. Before it happened I had no idea of the devastating effects that adultery creates and how the hurt, anger, rage, pain and sadness can engulf you until you feel like you are going to drown. Now I know a whole lot more and I want to understand what happened not just to me but why we all buy into what I now believe to be the monogamy myth. My story is about weathering the storm of marital infidelity. Staying together or separating is an important choice to make. Marriage is a funny thing. I have learned that it must always be a work in progress and that we must not look to another for our happiness. I have asked for three things from my husband: 1. Honest communication; 2. No further adultery; and 3. He does nothing to make me regret agreeing to work on saving our marriage. We are navigating our way through the trauma.

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1 thought on “About

  1. Britt

    I hope everything ends well for you. Found you through a beautiful comment you left on someone else’s page. Just wanted to drop by and invite you to follow my blogging journey with me. If you ever have a day you are struggling I hope that my blog post can get you through any tough time.

    you have a blessed day and keep on blogging ❤


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