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Predatory Women?

gagsMostly, If a man sees a good-looking woman on the arm of his friend he kinda thinks “wow, she’s hot, he’s lucky – I’m going to get myself one just like her”.  However when a woman sees a good-looking man on the arms of her friend she kinda thinks “wow, she’s lucky, he’s hot, I’m going to have him!”  Chris Rock


An element of truth?   Preposterous?  Well, I think there is a laughingseed of truth in a lot of what Chris Rock says using comedy.   I know that a few years ago I would probably have dismissed any underlying truth in this gag but that was before my world turned topsy-turvy and before my husband met Pig Shit.  Before I realised how many women are having sex with men who have wives at home.  I know, I know, if my husband had kept his dick in his pants she would have not had a chance; BUT, opportunity and ease of access MUST have some part to play surely. And, if a woman is preying on married men I am happy to state that I think that this is WRONG. It’s wonderful how experience can open your eyes to the delusions that are all around you.

wineLast Sunday my husband and I went to a lovely Italian restaurant for lunch.  It was sunny and hot (rare in England) and we were sitting at the far side of the bar waiting for a table.  Whilst sharing a bottle of ice-cold white wine I noticed an attractive woman entering and I observed her looking at my husband.  She was with a man (maybe her husband) and I saw her make a bee line over to our side of the bar and stand right next to husband.  A little smile and then she was looking ahead.  Because my husband and I are now very in tune with anything like this, I whisper in his ear what had happened.  He had not even really noticed her and was surprised that I would think that she was making a bee line for him.  HOWEVER, about ten, fifteen minutes later she had positioned herself as close as possible to him without actually leaning on him and she has her back directly to backhim. Then, she slowly runs her hands through her hair and lifts it up so that her neck and back are bare. It was sooo obvious that it was for my husband’s benefit we actually fell about laughing.  From one perspective this means nothing at all, maybe a playful act, just a flirt that makes her happy but from another perspective it stinks! Had I not felt as good as I did about myself her behaviour at that moment would have had a negative effect on me.  Certainly not a ‘sisterly’ action.

I remember from years ago comments made by a wife of a famous TV celebrity.  She said that one of the most difficult circumstances of being married to a famous man was the way in which women would just march up to her husband, whilst she was on his arm, and offer themselves, blatantly to him!  How gross.  How insensitive of these women!  I am sorry but not very surprised to note their divorce after many years of marriage.

As the betrayed spouse, and like so many other women who are trying to overcome their marital infidelity, I do try to remain sensible about why and how it happened and have felt compelled sad(not sure why) to feel sorry for Pig Shit.  You know, poor pig, low self-esteem, desperate, lonely. However, the more time goes by and the more I hear about other tales of betrayal I am losing any limited compassion that I might have had for her.   She wanted my husband.  She didn’t love him, this has become glaringly obvious.  She just wanted a man and my husband popped up on her radar.  She had already been a married man’s booty for three years previously.  So Pig Shit is a serial OW.  Ready to swoop when the prey is ready!

When Bill Clinton was asked why he did what he did with Monica Lewinsky he said it was because he could!

I’m a woman and a proud one too but there are women who make me feel ashamed to be the same sex as them.  Here’s to all the brave betrayed spouses who are behaving with dignity and grace.  Proud to be amongst you.

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